Screening of award winning documentary "Leitis in Waiting" - Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

The Pacific Community’s Regional Rights Resource Team yesterday announced the screening of the internationally recognized and award winning documentary "Leitis in Waiting”.

“Leitis in Waiting is a documentary about Joey Mataele and the Tongan Leitis and about the challenges they face and their views.

She says new positive messages are necessary from the faith based leaders as the Lesibian Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queers have so much unspoken pain that has to be recognized.

“If you are a leader you create your own ideas for example save spaces for LGBTIQ’s spiritually and leaving positive messages is necessary.”

Mataele says this story reveals what it means to be different in a society ruled by tradition and what it takes to be accepted without forgetting who you are.

Meanwhile, she says lack of empowerment leads them to isolation and risky sexual behaviors therefore capacity building is much needed.

2Dean Hamer