"Leitis in Waiting" Has Huge Impact on Samoa Audience - The Coconet TV

The Coconet TV - Sept. 1, 2018:

The Samoa premiere of "Leitis in Waiting" took place on the last night of the ILGA Oceania conference in Apia.

The documentary had a huge impact on the local audience:

“Faced with humiliation, cruelty and their dreams openly with us.  Struggling for human rights and the right to love and be loved, I was overwhelmed with how brave the leitis are despite their challenges"

“The Leitis movie was insightful and inspiring. All the hard work that Joleen does is incredible. The most unforgettable part was when her daughter, a young Leiti who had been given an ultimatum-to stop being who she is or leave the family home-came out in the gold dress for the miss galaxy pageant. She looked so beautiful"

“It was extremely powerful to be able to experience through this film, the untold stories of our sisters, the Leiti’s in Tonga. There is so much power in narratives like Jolene’s.” - Briana Fruean

2Dean Hamer