Leitis in Waiting is a powerful tool for addressing the intersections between culture, gender and identity.  It's especially useful for courses in  Gender and Sexuality, Pacific Studies, Indigenous Culture and Multicultural Education.

The educational package includes:

  • A DVD with the full length feature version of Leitis in Waiting

  • A streaming link for Leitis in Waiting

  • Public performance license for unlimited screenings in classrooms and community assemblies

  •  Bonus feature -  short film Lady Eva (DVD and streaming)


Review Quotes:

Leitis in Waiting is a thought provoking and compelling story that explores the decolonizing resistance of Tongan transwomen within a culture deeply affected by monarchy and organized religion. Elegant in style, Leitis in Waiting demonstrates beautiful cinematography that illustrates the battles of homophobia and transphobia. Leitis in Waiting is a must see for those who desire a film that shows the effects of culture change and highlights the impact of transformative justice.”

  • Seattle Twist Film Festival Jury, awarding Leitis in Waiting Best Documentary 2018

Leitis in Waiting displays a great respect for the culture and people of Tonga, while at the same time calls out the brutality and disgrace of the prejudice against the LGBT community that has a chokehold on society. This film is a true gift to the world.”

  • Jeannette Paulson Hereniko, Network for the Promotion of Asian and Pacific Cinema