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Kaalo 101 Micro Galleries - Kathmandu, Nepal

Ladies, gentlemen, and all other genders.

Hard to miss the American flaying of non-Cis communities right now. But this isn’t new or recent news. This US-centric need to restrict, silence and control LGBITQ+ communities around the world, using money and religion as its carrot-and-stick methodology, is prolific.

Micro Galleries is beyond proud to announce it is screening #LeitisInWaiting as part of its Micro Galleries Kathmandu program, with permission from the indomitable Joey Joleen Mataele and in partnership with the incredible organisations who ceaselessly work to assist LGBTIQ+ communities: BlueDiamondSocietyAsia Pacific Transgender Network Planet Ally .

Leitis, or Trans-gender women, have a long, vibrant, and proud role in Tongan history. Tonga, the last remaining Kingdom in the South Pacific, has long-supported and involved Leitis in their household. Despite this, Leitis face significant challenges, discrimination and prejudice, particularly by the “U.S.-led Christian fundamentalists who are determined to make it illegal to be openly gay or transgender, despite deeply rooted support for the leitis from the royal family itself.” By showing this vital and powerful film in Nepal, we hope to empower the local LGBTIQ+ community and reinforce that all over the world, you have allies, you are not alone, and together - we can change this system of fear, control and hate. .

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